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Gelidium, Gracilaria

There are various creatures in the vast sea. The sea has more species than the land. Fishes and seaweeds have been indispensable for human beings.

The Japanese, a seafood lover, has been one of the world’s largest consumers of fish and seaweeds.

Marine products have high nutritive value and unknown ingredients.

Agar weeds, gracilaria verrucosa


Seaweeds are divided into three kinds, which are green algae, brown algae and red algae. Raw materials of Kanten (agar) are agar weeds and gracilaria found mostly in a warm sea in the world.

There are about 80 kinds of perennial red algae.
The perennial red algae mostly grow along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The good red algae are said to grow on the places where waves beat. Red algae found in deep and calm water have low viscosity.

Good season for harvesting red algae is from May to June: a spring red algae is of high quality.

Red algae come from Japan, Korea, North Korea, Chile, Spain, Morocco, Indonesia, etc.


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Agar weeds, gracilaria verrucosa, dry seaweed
・Frozen cod roe
・Commercial cod roe sauce