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We deal barley grass, rose hip, maca, yerba mate, black soybean



Japan’s health food market has expanded with the falling birthrate and the aging population. It is said that the size of health food market exceeds one trillion yen.

We believe that health food market will continue to grow because the preventive medical care could cut down the cost of medical care which falls heavily on the people now, and the government’s guideline(Outline of Biotechnology Strategies)shows that health food is positioned as the key industry.

We provide raw materials of health food by making good use of our intelligence and networks as a food trading company.


Line of health food, health tea



Barley (a kind of green juice) attracts people’s attention as a well-balanced dietary supplement, which contains nutrients such as chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins, etc.
We buy barley from Japan, China and New Zea-land.Barley is powdered by the special product method which does not break up nutrients and good enzymes such as GIV enzyme and SOD enzyme.
We are working under organized control, from harvesting to shipping.

・Rose hips
Rose hip is the fruit of the wild rose growing in Chile. Native Chilean has preserved it as the elixir of life. Rose hips are a great source of vitamin C and contain 8 times calcium compared to milk. Rose hips are also rich in various vitamins and minerals.

Maca grows at altitudes of above 4,000 meters elevation. We import maca from Peru and process it into powder, extract powder, and slice. For safety, we take sever quality control and sterilize powder in the subcontract factory in Japan. We also deal in organic JAS raw materials.



・Mate  ・Yacon  ・Ruibos  ・Camu camu
・Cat’s Claw  ・Quinoa   ・Amaranthus  ・Soya bean
・Agaricus  ・Pink-Halite  ・Granulated Chinese citron
・Cocoa powder  ・Cacao powder  ・Chia Seed
・Seabuckthom powder  ・processed raw materials of powder

We deal in various health food and health tea.