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We deal various drinks, fruit juice, a fruit juice from concentrate



We deal in various beverages: natural juice, concentrated juice and fruit juice. Concentrated juice is widely used as the ingredients of beverages.

Many of customers cannot tell the difference between 100% fruit juice (not-from-concentrate fruit juice) and 100% concentrated juice.


What is juice from concentrate?



Fruit and vegetable juice contain “natural juice”. Concentrated juice is mislabeled as “100% natural juice”. The concentrated juice is made with the following processes: squeezing, filtering, evaporating and adding water. Water content of natural juice is 90%. The juice from concentrate has its water removed by about 20%.

The fruit harvest varies with the seasons but the fruit beverage products should be put on the market all the year. We cannot manufacture the products in bulk for the whole year.

If fruits are concentrated, liquid volume is reduced and the cost of storage is lowered. In addition, the quality is easily maintained. The freight is also decreases, so that the juice from abroad is very much in demand.

There are several methods of concentration. The traditional one is evaporation: however, this method results in a loss of fresh juice flavors. The promising alternative is vacuum concentration: it applies the mechanism that water evaporates at low temperature under near vacuum. Other are freeze concentration and reverse osmosis concentration.


Line of beverages and fruite juice

Beverages (100% fruit juice)


・sea buckthom  ・tree aloe  ・indian mulberry  ・vinegar


Fruit juice and from-concentrate juice


・white grape  ・acerola  ・pomegranate  ・camu camu
・haskap・blueberry  ・apple  ・chinese citron  ・pear

Other raw materials are also dealt in.