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About polyphenol



Red win contains tannin (a kind of polyphenol) with rough taste.

There are thousands of polyphenols: anthocyanin (grape), flavonoid (black tea), catechin (tea) are popular among them. Cacao beans are also rich in polyphenols.

It is said that the death rate of lifestyle-related diseases is low in the region where people drink green tea regularly.

In France, people are reviewing the health benefits of anthocyanin (wine) and catechin (black tea).


About polymerization



Polymerization of polyphenols occurs during fermentation and maceration. Polymerization is a process of reacting monomer molecules together such as anthocyanin and catechin. As a result of the polymerization, the antioxidant activity is increased. As wine ages, antioxidant capacity become strong, that is, the number of polymeric molecules in the wine are increased.

Polyphenols are thermostable: its properties will not be affected by heating. The positive effects of polyphenols have brought about a boom in wine.


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