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We deals with agar since its founding in 1954, our company have piled up trust and results.

In order to deliver to everyone better products, we also focus on research and development of day-to-day. Asahi who knows grace from the sea, the agar, offers the agar of peace of mind, safety, and feelings.

About Kanten (Agar)



Kanten (agar) strips and Kanten (agar) blocks are produced by the repetition of the freeze-dry process of the gel form (called tokoroten) made by the boil-cool process of seaweeds.

Commercial Kanten (agar powder) is made from natural seaweeds such as red algae (agar weeds and gracilaria verrucosa).

Kanten (agar) is one of the health foods because it contains no calories and has dietary fiber for about 80 % of its ingredients.

Kanten (agar) as a diet food has attracted public attention since its dietary fiber stimulate the bowels and satisfies the appetite.

Kanten (agar) has been used as ingredient for Japanese sweets such as tokoroten and anmitsu, as well as for jelly, pudding, and etc.

With the recent kanten (agar) boom, one recipe after another has been created.
Kanten (agar) has been also used as a stabilizer and thickener for food processing.

In addition, it is in use among other sectors: manufacturing, pharmaceutics, and cosmetics.


Kanten (agar) rich in dietary fiber

Kanten (agar) has dietary fiber for its main ingredient: dietary fiber is about 81 g/100g in kanten (agar). Kanten (agar) contains the highest percentage of dietary fiber among all foods.

rankName of the foodContent raterankName of the foodContent rate
1 Agar 81.29 6 Seaweed 37.90
2 Jew's ear 74.18 7 Porphyra 29.70
3 Hijiki 54.94 8 Giant kelp 28.58
4 Dried shiitake mushrooms 43.41 9 Dried gourd shavings 25.84
5 Green laver 38.62 10 Kidney beans 19.76

Production of Kanten (Agar)

kanten Japanese sweets Anko, Anmitsu, jelly, and Tokoroten
Western style cafe Pudding and jelly
Dairy product Yogurt and ice cream
Seasoning Jams
Side dish Yosemono
Care food Soft food for eldery

Manufacturing process

Manufacturing process

Manufacturing processManufacturing processManufacturing process

Product line of Kanten (agar)


・Kanten (agar) powder
Raw materials of kanten (agar) powder are from Japan, Chile and Spain.
・Kanten (agar) strips
Raw materials of kanten (agar) strips are from Japan and Korea.
・Kanten (agar) blocks
Raw materials of kanten (agar) blocks are from Japan and Korea.