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Canned processed food is an ideal excellent safety, storage stability, convenience.



In Japan, various foods are distributed and sold. Especially canned ingredients for sweets are in generally use, because canned foods are the ideal processed foods in terms of safety, preservation and convenience.

Import trading partners:
China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Chile, Argentina
(We imports processed fruit from other countries.)


Canned food・frozen food products and other


・Frozen food:
frozen strawberry, frozen melon, frozen pumpkin, frozen meat bun, frozen dumpling
strawberry puree, grape puree, mango puree, apple puree
marron paste, pumpkin paste
・Canned food:
canned fruit in syrup
mandarin orange in syrup, white peach in syrup, yellow peachin syrup, kyoho in syrup, muscat in syrup, white grape in syrup,cherry in syrup, apple in syrup, aloe vera in syrup, nata de coco in syrup canned mixed fruits, can tomato(cut hall)
・Ingredient of confectionary production
stewed chestnut in soy sauce and sugar(whole or cube shape), pickled cherry blossom, pickled cherry blade, dried fruit (mango, prune, guava, strawberry, etc)

We deal in various ingredients.