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It is used for dairy products, prepared foods, jelly, sauce, dressing, etc..

About food stabilizing agent



Food stabilizing agents are substances added to stabilize and homogenize food ingredients.

Gelling agent is a substance used for solidifying liquid, and thickening agent for increasing viscosity.

Gelling agent can transform liquid to gel. Typical gelling agents are kanten (agar), gelatin, pectin and the like.

Thickening agent increases viscosity of sauces, stabilizes emulsification of dressing, forms a gel (such as agar, devil’s tongue, tofu, gelatin, etc.), and improves taste and quality of foods. Thickening agent is also called methylcellulose.

In addition, thickening agent has other functions: water retention, membrane formation, moisture retention, deicing, etc.

Because of these functions, thickening agent is also used as food additives for hams, sausages, Japanese sweets, popsicles, etc.


main uses

food stabilizing agent For beverages, dairy products, prepared foods, ice creams, etc.
Gelling agents

For jellies, mousses, sweet jellied adzuki-bean pastes, kuzukiri, etc.

Thickeing agents For sauces, dressings, etc.

Line of stabilizer


・Kanten (agar):
kanten (agar) powder, kanten (agar) strips, kanten (agar) blocks, granulated kanten (agar)
・Gelling agents
・Polysaccharide thickeners

Other raw materials are also dealt in.