Company│ASAHI & Co.,Ltd.

Name ASAHI & Co.,Ltd.
Location of head office the head office
5-14-4, Miyazaki, Miyamae-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 216-0033

a place of business
3rd Floor,Ohmiya Miyazakidai Bldg.2-10-9 Miyazaki,Miyamae-ku,Kawasaki,Kanagawa 216-0033
Date of establishment Jan. 1954
President Atsuo Nakagawa
Capital 20 million Yen
Corresponded banks Mizuho Bank, Ltd The bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Business types

*Import business, sales of raw materials, retailing
Sales of the following products
・Commercial kanten (agar), Imported liquors, agricultural and marine products
・Food stabilizing agent, ingredients of health food
・Edible oils, essential oils, health beverages, fruit juice
・Canned food, paste, frozen food

Main customers Food makers, health food makers, food wholesalers, supermarkets, drug stores, convenience stores
Main import trading partners

Chile, Korea, China, U.S.A., New Zealand, Spain, Argentina,
Vietnam, Peru, India, etc.


the head office

a place of business


Jan. 1954 Asahi Kanten & Co., Ltd. was founded by Kiichi Aoki (the president).
Mar. 1955 The first works was built at Haneda, Ota-ku, Tokyo.
Apr. 1958

A sales and business alliance was formed with Showa Denko Co. which
established kanten (agar) production factory at Tateyama, Chiba.

Apr. 1975 Kazutoyo Nakagawa took office as the president.
Feb. 1993 Asahi Kanten & Co., Ltd. Changed into Asahi & Co., Ltd. and the import business has expanded.
Feb. 1995 A new head office was built at Miyazaki, Miyamae-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa.
Mar. 2017 Atsuo Nakagawa took office as the president.