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Basic principles, Our primary goal, Our commitments

Basic principles


According to the network and various experiences gained with the years, we succeeded to set up our principles. How can we contribute to the prosperity of society? How can we win the trust of our customers? To resolve these questions, we should be aware of our “values”, “presence” and “responsibilities”.


Basic principles

Our primary goal

Various food products are imported from all over the world. To make the distribution smoothly, we should watch out for the international affairs and the market trend, and make a great effort to develop innovative and high-quality products.

Our commitments

Because we deal in Kanten (agar) and many kinds of raw materials, we take very strict security measures. We are also responsible for sales, quality control and standardization. We try to offer products to meet customers’ needs. Our commitments

Message from the president

In Japan, life expectancy is getting longer and longer every year. We try to help people to have a healthy diet and supply them with satisfactory products of high quality. We are determined to keep on doing our best for product development.


Since I became a president, I have always insisted that we should keep in mind our values, presence and responsibilities to have a good relationship with our customers. I believe that, through such common awareness and sincere communication, we could work to the utmost of our ability.

Kazutoyo Nakagawa President